My name is Light Fury. I live in Richardson, Texas, with my wonderful wife Ruthie, plus our great dogs Allie and Tasha. Our 3 sons, Jack, Sam and Jon, are now grown up and not living with us anymore.

Ruthie is my partner in our web design business. She specializes in creating WordPress sites and customized graphics, while I use HTML and CSS for custom sites and WordPress for other websites.

Guthrie’s background and training are in other fields, such as civil engineering and health coaching. Her website and graphics training knowledge base started with instruction from me. And Ruthie has run with it and soaked in much higher levels of site design training from attending local meetings on WordPress, search engine optimization, and social media and learning online. You can visit her main website, https://world4public.com/, and find out more.

I have always been interested in design and creative outlets. When i was in high school, I was into drafting and architecture in college interior design, and I went back to university to get an additional degree in web design.

Projects have developed using industry-standard tools like adobe photoshop, illustrator, fireworks, CSS, HTML, javascript, and flash. I know how to modify some PHP, so I have a tiny bit of PHP in my current projects.

For most of my projects, unless the client requests or we are modifying a WordPress theme framework, templates are not used as a design tool. I avoid the cookie-cutter look so familiar to many web sites this way. Instead, i custom design a website that fits your needs and has tailored to your specific business.

My Passion

My Passion
My Passion

What is my passion, and why is it important to me? Or to you?

Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for creating stuff. Well, the thing is a very vague word, right?

Well, let’s go back, way back. Some of my earliest creations were drawings I made in middle school that would best have described as “futuristic downtowns.” They were these great drawings I would make of cooling buildings in a downtown setting that would take up 5-10 pages all taped together. I did them with my best friend, ed Seidenberg, and we thought we were way too artistic.

Then I branched out into photography, which I still do today (i gave up the drawings shortly after middle school). Next came interior design, where I collected a degree from the university of north texas in Denton, Texas.

Sometime after this, I discovered the internet (actually it was described to me as “the world wide web” at the time) and decided that I could use this new medium to create lots of stuff.

So I made a decision. from now on I would make my new career on the internet alone and earn all my income from this new medium. I started by resigning from my sales position and running a home business selling “found gems” on eBay. It was a part of an undertaking on my own, so I sat down, thought about it, and asked myself what I wanted to do professional that included the internet.

Designing was perfect for me. So I entered in a 2-year degree plan at the area college and started attending courses in web layout and development. Going at night, it took me over four years to complete the degree plan while working for a collectibles company selling products on eBay.

Finally, I had a degree, and I set out to find a good job where I could create all day long, learn more about my craft, and even get paid for it too. I worked with hitchfinder.com from March 2006 to June 2008 and increased my skill level many folds transforming a bunch (the company had 10+ sites) of “old school” e-commerce web sites into new databased sections with a team of two others.

In December 2008, I began a full-time position at the university of texas at Dallas (ut Dallas) as a web specialist in the university’s web services department, which is a department of the office of communications. It was an excellent opportunity to push my skills to the next level.

In September 2015, I moved to another position in the school of behavioral and brain sciences at ut Dallas as a web developer. In 2016, Katina McAfee, the other web developer in the school, and I launched the redesign of the schools’ website (BBS). I am responsible for maintaining the school site. Plus, I develop faculty labs for professors and maintain the faculty and staff database. I also am responsible for putting all school events on the university calendar and keeping the schools’ twitter account updated.

I have created gushinDesigns.com to allow myself to work on web sites, print, and photography in my open time. Yeah, that’s where it comes back to the “or to you?” question.

Allow me to transform your idea(s) into an original, polished, custom finished product that you will be proud of that.

My Goals

My Goal
My Goal

With any project, you must have a set of goals.

Respect – when working with a client, the goal is always to have integrity in interactions. I try to put myself into their shoes and ask myself, “how would I like to be treated as a client?”

email/phone – I always strive to have quick and open communication with clients. An email question at 2 is one I will usually answer first thing the next morning or if I happen to be up, right then.

Listen – this is a biggie. I believe that to be successful with a client. You have to listen to their ideas and plans, then give feedback. If you continuously spurt out what you think is needed, then you have failed to attend. Simple.

Accountability – in any project, I believe in keeping the client up to date on how the budget and timetable are going. You have to be able to discuss the financial aspect of the project, so nobody is surprised or unhappy at the end.

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